Canon 550 D

semlm ayah bwk balik dslr baru
my face smiling tgk beg yg depegang ayah
canon EOS 550D is much better than 500D
dua kali gnda ringan..mcm hanfon jea rasenyer..
and2.. it much compact then 500D...
and latest version for canon..

tpi.. rase sedih pun ade jgk..
lps ayah jual camera canon 500D tuh kat kwn dy...

haha... camera nie dh tgkp beribu gmbr.. 
tiit... tiit.....tiiiiiiittt

and2.. ayah beli canon wide angle 10-22mm
RM 2500+

and finally.. dpt free gift woot... 
cool stuff!!
baju dlm tin..

: )